Friday, March 9, 2012

Story Review - Lost and Found by Brianna McBride

Story Review: Lost and Found by Brianna McBride
Review by Hollie

“Edward never came back. Jacob never saved her. Instead, the Volturi found her.”

              Say WHAT!?! That’s not how a Twilight story is supposed to go. Furry Jake is meant to be Bella’s sunshiny friend. Sparkly Eddie is supposed to go to Italy, beg the Volturi to kill him, see Bella, Alice saves the day and they all go home to live happily ever after. In Brianna McBride’s ‘Lost and Found’ Bella and Edward’s happily ever after isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, in fact, the story starts with Edward discovering Bella has been missing, presumed dead for fourteen years and goes on the rampage.

                Bell Pallinder is one of the Volturi guard. Best friends with Jane and Alec’s mate, she has been given her first assignment outside of Volterra – to hunt down, and return with crazed vampire, Edward Cullen, who’s breaking all the rules of the Volturi. For Bell, the mission to capture Edward becomes more a journey of self-discovery. Edward awakens memories in Bell that were long forgotten and hidden by the Volturi. Memories of love, friendship and heartache alert Bell to one not so simple fact – her name is not Bell Pallinder, but Isabella Swan.

                Lost and Found delivers a healthy dose of angst as we follow Bell/Bella coming to terms with betrayal by her family, her friends and her soulmate. Her emotions not only affect her but have an effect on those around her – think of poor Jasper! It’s a whirlwind tale of romance, danger and revenge with quite a few surprises along the way. The story is told from many different points of view, but that in no way hinders the flow of the story – it adds a depth to the story telling that I personally find quite interesting.

                It’s no wonder that Lost and Found has, to date, won three awards (Winner of Best Non NC-17 in The Hidden Star Awards, Winner of Best Twilight Story in The Fanfiction Awards, Winner of Best Incomplete Fanfiction in The Fanfiction Awards) it deserves every one of them. I’m excited to see where this story goes, and also to see what else the author can offer the fan fiction community. This story and its author are definitely ones to watch!

Intrigued? Want to read more? Of course you do!

Hollie is a fan fiction obsessed Twilight enthusiast. She writes it, reads it and, now, reviews it too! She loves the fan fiction community and has been reading fan fiction for just over five years. Her fan fiction  tastes extend beyond Twilight; she loves a bit of Harry Potter or a hunk of Spartacus, just to name a few. Feel free to follow her on Twitter: @holz_131666.



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