Tuesday, March 20, 2012

iWant to Marry You - By: IAMCAGE

iWant to Marry You
Fandom: iCarly

It is the first day of 3rd grade and Sam is already messing with the new kid Freddie and had him in a headlock, she was yelling at him to take something back.

"Sam what have I told you about putting people in headlocks"? I ask her,

"Hey, he started it Carly," She tells me Freddie frantically trying to get out of her death grip.

" Well let go of him and tell me what he said that was so bad Sam," I ask her which finally gets her to let go as Freddie who gives her a pretty nasty look.

"He told me I couldn't marry you because I was a girl." She tells me.

"I don't think best friends that are both girls can get married." I tell her

"Can so" Sam shoots back at me "mommy was on the phone last night and said that Aunt Valerie and Aunt Christie want to get married ," She says very serious "they are best friends and even live together."

"No they can't," Freddie snaps back "A lady that my mommy works with was over and they were talking about how her and her girl friend wanted to get married and then she said a bad word and that it was against the law."

"Nobody and I mean nobody TELLS ME WHAT TO " Sam screams at Freddie who runs away screaming.

"You know you don't have to be so mean to him Sam.": I scold her

"I know but the way he acts around you bugs me, It's like he is in love with you." She tells me

"Ew gross, I only like him as a friend. "I tell her making a face.

"So what do you say Carls," she asks changing the subject "you want to get married when we get older,"

"I don't know Sam," I tell her my face beat red "your Aunties are really like boyfriend girlfriend. Well I guess it would be girlfriend girlfriend."

"Totally, they hold hands like us and they even kiss." She tells me her face getting red.

"Well I did like your Auntie Valerie that time I met her." I tell her

"I know she is so cool and Aunt Christie is even cooler," she tells me "they are just like us to."

"I guess it would be cool to be married to your bestest friend," I tell her

"Then it is settled," Sam says matter of factly "we will get married when we are old enough,"

The bell rings and Sam grabs my hand leading me inside the school.

"They really kiss." I ask Sam.

"All the time." She tells me.

Many years later

"Sam do you remember when you asked me to marry you"? I ask her as we both sit outside on the porch of our home watching our babies play in the yard.

"Yep we were such a cute couple, even back then when we didn't know what it meant.." She tells me.

"Remind me to send your Aunt Valerie and Aunt Christie some flowers." I tell her.

"Does that mean I have to buy the nub something"? She asks as she squeezes my hand.

"It would be nice, I tell her "he did kind of hook us up."

"OK I will get him something." She whines

"That's my girl." I tell her before kissing her.


that was sweet and funny good job and good luck


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