Friday, March 9, 2012

Story Review - Dating in the Dark by Twicrack83

Story Review: Dating in the Dark by twicrack83
Review by Hollie
            In the summary for twicrack83’s story Dating in the Dark she promises ‘hilarity’, and even though the story is currently a work in process, she certainly delivers.
            Dating in the Dark sees a reluctant hockey playing Bella pulled across the country from Wisconsin to California by her best friends and roommates – Alice and Rosalie – to take part in a dating show she despises. These girls are no ordinary girls, and it’s hard to see why they don’t already have devoted boyfriends what with Bella’s cutting sarcasm, Alice’s Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, and Rosalie’s penchant for blowing food out of her nose.
Meanwhile in Colorado, ballet dancer Edward (hands up those who are loving the vision of Edward in tights!) plucks up the courage and asks his friends, Emmett and Jasper for a little help finding love – never expecting that his friends would apply and be accepted to the same dating show Alice, Bella and Rosalie are set to take part in.
            Right from the moment the plane lands in California there’s cock-up after cock-up for all our young lovebirds. From lost luggage to hair care explosions, sleazy show producers and bloody noses you begin to wonder if anyone will leave the show with a date. Add in the fact that the actual dating takes place in complete darkness you can expect the hilarity to ensue. The dates alone will have you in fits of laughter, never mind the bits in-between! There’s talk of severely swollen testicles and sexually represses grandma’s. If that’s not tickling your fancy, perhaps an Emmett massage will.
            Although this story is an Edward and Bella fic, the star couple for me have to be Alice and Jasper. You’re just going to have to read the story to decide for yourself whether they’re a couple made in fan fiction heaven or hell.
            This has fast become a favourite story of mine, and I’m definitely eagerly waiting for the coming chapters. If you want a light hearted story full of laughs, giggles and surprise Fleshlights then I highly recommend you give this story a shot – you won’t be disappointed!



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