Monday, March 5, 2012

FA: Fanficaholics Anonymous
Hello, my name is Dee...and I'm a fanficaholic. It has been 4 hours since my last fix. 
We've all been that awkward moment when you realize that fan fiction has morphed from hobby to full blown addiction. That's not you, you say? You don't have a problem? You can quit whenever you want?
Not likely! But just in case you need some convincing, take a look at our list of the tell-tale signs of fan fiction addiction.
You Might be Addicted to Fan Fiction If...
1.   When goes down you scream, throw things at the screen and sprain your finger clicking the refresh button.
2.   The day after posting a new story/chapter your mood is determined by how many hits it got.
3.   You know what it means if someone says: A/N: Sorry for the drabble being AU and a little OOC. I wanted to do a lemon but it ended up more PWP. Hope the slash didn’t offend but if it did – DLDR! R&R!
P.S. – I’m looking for a beta. PM if you’re interested.
4.   You have ever said to yourself: “I’ll go to bed/finish my homework/clean my house/take a shower just as soon as I finish this chapter.”
5.   If the stories you wrote based on a kid’s show were to ever actually air, the censors would have to shut down the whole network.
6.   You’ve ever printed out a story so you could read it where you didn’t have internet access.
7.   You’ve perfected the art of minimizing your reading screen at work/school when your boss/teacher walks by.
8.   You’ve ever gotten mildly depressed when you realized that the fic you just read and fell in love with…hasn’t been updated in 6 months.
9.  You contacted the writer of said fic and begged/pleaded/mildly threatened them to: UPDATE SOON!!!!!
10. When asked for your favorite character in your fandom you give the name a character you created.
11. The last time you were assigned a book report you considered doing it on your favorite fic.
12. Someone says they saw “that picture of Draco and Harry together” and you know exactly what one they’re talking about…and said picture is your screensaver.
13.  You’ve ever read enough ‘M’ rated fics in one sitting to warrant a cold shower.
14.  You could write a term paper on the meaning and cultural implications of imprinting.
15.  People can tell you 3 random details about a fic they can’t find…and you know exactly which one they’re talking about.
16.  You’ve read/written so many stories that you now follow a completely different canon than the show/book/movie.
17.  When you see lemons at the grocery store you blush just a little.
18. Your kid wants to be a ballerina or a firefighter for Halloween...but you give 'em a scar, a broom, a black bathrobe and tell them they should be honored to be the boy who lived
19. You know what days have the lowest reader response...and you NEVER post on those days
20.  You’ve ever had an argument on the validity of a characters portrayal in a fic
21. You've ever gotten confused between what happened in a fic and what happened in the show/book/movie
22. The sex you’re writing is MUCH more interesting than the sex you’re having
23. You've ever blown off friends/dates/school/work/breathing fresh air to stay in the house and finish writing a chapter
24. The last thing you do before bed is check your story hits/reviews. The first thing you do when you wake up is check chapter updates.
25. When you watch your favorite show each episode falls into one of three categories: Great episode - can't wait to change the ending; Bad episode - can't wait to change the ending; Old episode - I read a great fic...where they changed the ending.
26. You read a great new book and immediately go online to see if anyone has started a fic community for it.
27. When left without a laptop you've written fics on your phone, napkins, backs of hands and (gasp) in a notebook with an actual pen got this story you just HAVE to get it out!
28. Upon hearing that your family will be vacationing somewhere without internet access you spend more time downloading fics than you do packing

Your turn! Tell us how you knew you were addicted. 
Send us an email ( or tweet us (@BlogFanfiction) and we’ll post the 5 we like best next week.


Oh it sounds so bad when its in print! But I can quit if I really want to (i just don't want to).


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