Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy Fan Fiction Friday to all my fandom fanatics!

This is the first Fan Fiction Friday for You Write What?! and we're very excited about it! Today we'll feature a story from an amazing author (Twicrack83 - go to the Featured Story tab to check it out) as well as two extended reviews from a new addition to the YWW?! Reviewer staff, Hollie (@holz_1313666 - Follow her. She's awesome!). As a special treat, today Hollie will also be reviewing the winner of Best Non NC-17 in The Hidden Star Awards,  Best Twilight Story in The Fanfiction Awards, and Best Incomplete Fanfiction in The Fanfiction Awards - Lost and Found by Brianna McBride. Both stories are amazing and I hope you'll take the time to check them out.

The reviews posted here are objective and you can always be assured that our reviewers will give you the honest 411 on the stories they discuss. 

As most fan fiction writers will attest to, there aren't many things better than opening your inbox to see that someone has left a thorough, thoughtful review of the story you've worked so hard on. It increases your motivation to write when you know there are people out there appreciating the words you write and offering non-judgmental, constructive criticism when needed.

We're always looking for new stories to review, so if you'd like to submit a story for extended review by one of our amazing staff members, here's how you do it.

1. Email us ( 
2. Give us your contact info, a link to your story and a short bio to tell us about yourself (what fandom do you write for, how long have you been writing, etc.)
3. Once we've received your email we'll respond within 48 hours and let you know if and when we'll be using your story.

You can also submit your story to be featured story of the week...same procedure applies. We're looking for stories across every fandom but we can't feature a story that too smutty (we like to read 'em but the kiddies sometimes look at this page and we don't want to be responsible for corrupting a minor. lol)

We hope to hear from you soon. For now -- Enjoy!




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