Friday, January 25, 2013

Adventures in Twific- Part Two: The Deed is Done

I did it! I can't really believe it...but I did. 
Yes, I'm sure you're reading this and thinking "It's just fan fiction's not like you saved us from going over the fiscal cliff" and to that I would say - You're right. And Wrong (and I have some ideas about that fiscal cliff. Tell Barack to call me).
It is fan fiction, and to some that means it's just something to do. But I'm one of those people who's just nutty enough to believe that there are lessons to be learned in every corner of our lives if we're open to seeing them. Some of these lessons are big: Don't stick a knife in a light socket. Don't give your social security number to the King of Africa when he sends you an urgent email. You get my drift.
And some of these lessons are small, the golden nugget moments that usually hide in the inane, everyday tasks we do and regular situations we find ourselves in. Big or small, everyday we get a chance to learn something.
So while I may be waxing a bit poetic about something people would consider 'normal', I have gleaned a lesson from it and you, dear reader, are the lucky recipient of said advice.
It's never too late to try something new.
Yep, it's deep. Let me give you a moment to digest.
Done? Good.
I'd spent a couple years in a different fandom - one where I was well received, reasonably well known and seriously comfortable. I knew my readers, they knew me and the stories I wrote came fairly easy...most of the time. I didn't have to worry about the anxiety of building a new fan base. I didn't have to worry about making new friends or challenging myself as a writer. It was like that ratty pair of flannel pajama bottoms - the ones with frayed hems and a drawstring half hidden inside the waistband. The ones that are your friend through weight loss, weight gain and bloated visits from Aunt Flo. I loved my fandom. I still do.
But the time had come to move on or at least branch out. Terrifying though it was I did it. I had one hell of a beta (shout out to Meliz875) and some amazing friends encouraging me and when I finally hit 'post' I half expected a crowd of well wishers to pop out of my closet with confetti and wine (they didn't by the way. I'm married to a cop...he'd have shot them for sure).
So, the deed is done. And GOD does it ever feel good. I've got bright shiny new fan fic accounts and an empty inbox just waiting for alerts (please God tell me that they'll be alerts).
My story is called 'After All', it's a Jacob/Bella story, all about their first time, that is equal parts sweet and panty melting hot. I hope you'll take it for a spin. I hope you'll like it, but most of all I hope you'll learn a bit of a lesson from me.
If there's something you've been scared to do. Something your itching to try even though fear and doubt are tap dancing on your 'can do', don't be afraid. Get out and try...cuz it's never too late.


Yay you! Of course it is nerve wracking to step outside of your comfort zone. Well done... cross fingers on the alerts.


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