Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adventures in Twific - Part 1

Today feels a little bit like the first day of High School. You know how it was, you picked out what you thought would be the perfect outfit, made sure all your folders and that cute little plastic pencil packet where organized in your Trapper Keeper (yeah...I'm that old). Then you spent a night laying in bed without sleeping, thinking about how wonderful or how horrible the next day might be. It could go either way, but either way - it was gonna be a big day.

So I'm there again. Thankfully it's with significantly less acne, and awkward social graces (and also without the Trapper Keeper which sucks, cuz I really liked those). 

After much thought and some encouragement and gentle prodding by my wonderful Twific friends I have decided to take the plunge and throw my hat in the ring as an official Twilight fan fiction writer (I say official but what does that we get certificates? Gold plated name badges? T-shirts that say 'I love Smut'?). 

When I first considered it, the very idea terrified me. I've spent 2 years writing for a very small fandom based on a kid's show so over there I was a medium sized fish in a pretty small pond. But Twilight...that's like the 'Big Show' for fan fiction. In this fandom people take their writing seriously and the fans take their reading seriously. The expectations to produce quality stories and commit to finishing them is high. It's one of the things I've always loved about the fandom - and one of the things that's got my stomach in a knot.

What if I suck? Like really suck?! What if I get some details wrong or my theories on imprinting are frowned upon? What if my desire to see Edward banished to any of the four corners is met with derision (yes...I know no one on this site would deny me that wish)? What if I'm flamed, or (sometimes worse) stalked by crazy reader fans?

There were a million what-ifs, most of them even more ridiculous than the ones I've listed here. But I'm a big girl. Old enough to remember typewriters and mobile phones that had to be carried in suitcases. I can pull on my big girl panties and face my fear right? Right?!


So. Here I sit, fingers poised over the keyboard. I have a short story I've written or another fandom that screamed "Jacob & Bella" and once I got started on the revamp it took on a life of it's own, one I'm excited to share with anyone who wants to read it.
Because that's what it's all about right? Remembering the love of writing. Enjoying the way your mind can take these characters and put them in situations even you, as the creator, are surprised to find them in. To have the joy of being lucky enough to find a few like minded people who encourage you, support you, kick your butt when you need it.

Yep, that's what it's about.

The what-ifs are still there. Who knows, they may always be there. But you know what else is there now? Me, ready to take the leap.

Even if I have to do it without my Trapper Keeper.

Wolfy Twi-love,
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