Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tricky Raven August Raven's Read w/ Review

Prey by Esther

Pairing: Paul/Bella
Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Drama/Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Paul is not a man to settle.  What he wants is Bella Swan and he is tired of waiting.

Review Submitted by Dragonfly76

Prey may be Esther's first foray into the world of writing Twilight based fan-fiction, but is certainly not evidenced by the tangled web of emotion she displays in her craft.  Prey takes you on an emotional roller-coaster, causing you to scream and feel the butterflies with each emotional dip and sway.  This Paul will make your heart beat a little faster with every single chapter.

Prey takes us on a journey both through the minds and hearts of Bella Swan and Paul Lahote, each seemingly trying to overcome what they are to become who they must become.  Paul has never been sexier than he is in this story.  Seemingly self-destructive, you find that there is more to him.  Chasing after Bella is more than just a game to him.  It is an instinctual need that you can feel is leading to something big.  

Issues abound in this story, mainly comprised of what it is that has shifted within the pack.   You can almost feel them becoming more primal as the story flows.  This isn't just about possession, but a way of life.  

Read the prologue.  I dare you not to wish that it is you and not Bella, who is Paul's Prey.



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