Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cats & Dogs by TheTypeWronger: Tricky Raven March Raven's Read

The Monthly Raven's Read from the wonderful ladies over at Tricky Raven is back on You Write What?!

This month's Raven's Read comes to us from newcomer TheTypeWronger, and according to everything I've heard this is one writer whose  work you do NOT want to miss! 

Cats & Dogs 

Author: TheTypeWronger 
Review courtesy of Tricky Raven
Pairing:  Bella/Embry
Rating:  M
Genre:  Angst, Friendship, Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy 

Summary:  Her world has been flipped upside down, on its side and all over again.  In a world of supernatural creatures, immeasurable powers, and war, Bella must learn to accept that she was never meant for normal.  In the midst of it all is self-discovery, love, and destiny.  AU story adopted.

Review: A newcomer to Tricky Raven and making her debut in the world of fanfiction, TheTypeWriter's story has taken our staff and members by storm.  

Smart and funny, Cats & Dogs is the story of one girls incredible journey from hapless teenager into the world of the supernatural.  Taking liberties with the mythology of  shifters, skinwalkers, psychic's, witches and vampires,  TheTypeWronger weaves legend with teenage drama and romance while adding in a healthy dose of humor to keep us reading.

As Bella navigates this new world, her voice gives insight to the characters around her.  A mother both flighty and oddly wise who teaches her daughter the skills needed to survive.  

Twisted glimpses inside Quil's Bea Arthur and Milla Jovovich riddled mind.  Hormone induced lust circling Embry like a halo. Wise, all-knowing Julian a sort of father figure/mentor.  Leah who giggles like a teenage girl over boys and gives out ass-kickings like they're the peach gummies she loves so much.       

Wonderfully written, a world masterfully created, the pages of Cat's & Dog's is a like a big bowl lays.  You can't just eat- or in this case read- just one.  

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